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Since its release online, XTrade broker has been supported by the regulation program made by CySEC — the Cyprus-based official controlling agency for all the financial services providers, including the trading systems. CySEC is also the official license provider for XTrade, which is a main condition for any broker to participate legally on financial trading market.

To make tranquil and confident any of its customers, XTrade has also established decent customer support services. You will need them in case you demand some more additional information about the website usage or you have an issue to solve. To make an inquiry or ask a question, contact XTrade customer support representatives via one of these communication methods: XTrade provides both — live and demo accounts.

The demo account might be used before the live account as a test for the platform. Beginners in trading might also take the benefits of trading via the demo account, if they need more time to prepare themselves for the real money game.

All you have to do to use the demo account is to make a registration via the website — without depositing your own funds — and then you will receive some amount of money to trade as a compliment by the broker.

Have in mind that demo account is just a test and you do not either win, or lose anything with it. The live account should be opened in one of these currencies: To transfer your first or next invest, as well as to claim for a withdrawal in order to get your profits, use one of these payment methods: XTrade provides variable spreads, but the most typical ones are between 0.

Make no mistake about it — forex trading is high risk. Specialized training is a prerequisite to manage this risk profile. Impatience and inexperience can destroy even the best trading strategy. Among other things, we can help you find out how to trade, where to trade, when to trade, and make you aware of the many pitfalls that many have fallen into before you.

Success in fx trading now depends, more than ever before, on wisely guided execution. Trade the Financial Markets Whether you're a beginning forex trader or have extensive experience in forex trading, we will stick our collective nose out and say that you will find useful information here.

Current narrative is shifting: Want to be featured in this Broker list? What is the best time of the year to trade? Traders tend to day trade more on particular months, and stay out of the market in certain other months. Based on previous years trends, a trading year can be divided in thirds. Lets take a look and see what the best months are to trade.

There is just one problem with summertime trading: A Busy Trading Day A pretty busy trading day for today with some surprises, missing targets and adding breakeven trades but ending the day up by 1K in trading profits.

At the beginning of the trading day price was trading below resistance but break of resistance was nearby and giving us the first trade of…. Daily Trading Recap Big Profits A very calm start of the trading week with an initial direction to the down side with price trading below resistance but getting stuck between

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XTrade provides variable spreads, but the most typical ones are between 0. After the break of resistance it….

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